Finding your way out…

You’ve got this when you’ve dropped this…

Any chance you’ve got a problem brewing inside right now?

Is there something pulling on you that needs figured out?

Are you frustrated? Anxious?

Did something happen?

Does anything ever just “gets your goat” and stir you up?

I get that. I feel that. I’ve been there.

I may be there right now 😬🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Look, when the crazy sets in, my go-to is doing some deep journaling.

That may not be your jam, but its definitely mine.

I know myself and when I get that feeling brewing inside, I need to head to a quiet place and remind myself of hard lessons already learned..

Mostly things you’d think I’d already know, and sometimes it hurts to have to learn it all over again, but they’re helpful truths none-the-less…

and here’s the thing.. this is the real zing…

The way out, is always in…

There is this spiraling effect when you’re trying to solve or deal with a problem and YOU are not in a good space.

When emotion has crept in, mixed in, and reality suddenly shifts.

Emotion has a way of doing that. The thing suddenly has changed.

It’s now bigger than what it really is, but now you can’t see that.

Once emotion has entered the game, things change. It’s a fact.

I know you already know it. You feel it.

We just don’t like to admit it.

The minute you let the core problem stay in your head too long, emotion mixes in, and now that thing ripples into multiple problems.

Problems you just made. They weren’t there before. You played the thing out. In your head. With emotion.

It’s a slippery slope. A rabbit hole that is entirely avoidable.

Do a gut check right now.

Or be ready to do a gut check next time.

Your anxiousness or frustration is more likely the emotion mix explosion rather than the real issue itself. You let your mind loose and emotion fueled it further than likely anything every will go.

Gut check. Feel it. Seriously, is it the thing or is it what is rippling out in your mind? You’ve got this, you just need to drop this.

Things are not as bad as you feel.

That’s step one.

You can escape.

Let it go.. and Lets GO!



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